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    Central America and Mexico Youth Fund


Youth meeting, 2021


Central America and Mexico Youth Fund


Centro de Derechos de Mujeres (CDM), Honduras

The Central America and Mexico Youth Fund (CAMY Fund) is a program of the Seattle International Foundation (SIF) that supports youth leaders and activists in the creation and implementation of projects that ensure the full and equitable enjoyment of youth rights.

Youth in the region lead the forefront of social movements and develop creative approaches to achieve social, systemic and sustainable change in their communities. They seek to challenge and transform existing power structures and draw on artivism, new media, and innovative social and political advocacy strategies to amplify their voices and stories and facilitate the advancement of their agendas.

Created in 2014, SIF’s CAMY Fund provides flexible funding, support and technical and political accompaniment to youth-led initiatives, collectives and organizations in Central America and Mexico. Its objective is to strengthen youth social movements in favor of human, social, gender and racial, and sexual and reproductive rights. With a perspective of collective care and territorial defense, the fund promotes the well-being of the partner organizations with which it works.


We focus on prioritizing the needs of the partner organizations we work with and on creating inclusive and respectful spaces for people who live in the region and work from their own vision.

The CAMY Fund brings together partners and allies to exchange learning and experiences and build peer-to-peer networks. It complements its commitment to youth through research with inclusive and participatory approaches.

Over the past nine years, the CAMY Fund has established itself as a leader and the only fund of its kind that finances youth specifically in Central America and Mexico. In addition to expanding its geographic reach and resources, it provides accompaniment to youth-led organizations, collectives and movements working in three key areas:


  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights and the defense of the rights of children, adolescents, youth and gender-dissident persons in the area of sexual and reproductive health.
  • Social justice and support for youth organizations and movements committed to human rights, equality and non-discrimination.
  • Collective care as a strategy for action and sustainability through the prioritization of a holistic health approach, with emphasis on mental health, psychosocial support and holistic safety.

The Story of CAMY Fund

SIF’s CAMY Fund, founded in 2014, has grown and evolved in its first decade. Learn more about the creation of the Fund, its impact, and where we hope to go in the second decade.

Grantee Stories

The collective offers support to women, children, and young victims of violence and promotes community participation.

Imagine being an exceptional young student with big dreams in a community plagued by violence and poverty. One day, your university closes for political reasons, leaving you and 750 others without a chance to complete your degrees. This happened to the founders of Colectiva MIAU in 2010.

Alharaca is an independent feminist media outlet that promotes democracy, inclusion and human rights through innovative narratives and collaboration.

Alharaca is accustomed to breaking barriers. Formed by four young women in 2018, they put feminist journalism on the map and increased visibility for topics that were considered ‘taboo’ and became one of the first media outlets in El Salvador led by women.

Past events

August 18, 2022


Disruptive Youth Movements Launch

Disruptive Youth Movements (MJD) is a regional and collaborative investigation on how youth in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia organize themselves and the possibilities of working with them through philanthropy.

The project was carried out from 2020 to 2021 and was led by the Seattle International Foundation´s CAMY Fund in partnership with Diakonia, Global Fund for Children and FRIDA Fund.

Join the research presentation and the conversation about the findings, experiences, lessons learned and proposals derived from this unique project in the region.

Thursday, August 18, 2022
12:00 pm Central America / 1:00 pm Mexico and Colombia

The event will be held in Spanish. There will be simultaneous interpretation in English.



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The CAMY Fund has a team of people with experience and commitment to the youth of Central America and Mexico. Get to know them:

Natalia Lozano

Program Director

Daniela Tejas Miguez

Program Officer

Josué Torres Martínez

Program Coordinator

Araceli Sánchez

Senior Finance & Operations Manager

Melissa Zamora Monge

Program Officer

Glenda Ixtabalán

Program Assistant

Diana Campos Ortiz

Research Project Manager

Tania Bello

Program Officer

Karla García

Finance & Operations Assistant