About Us

Seattle International Foundation (SIF) champions good governance and equity in Central America through support for rule of law and the strengthening of civil society.

Over the past ten years, SIF has supported 243 organizations in 81 countries and has contributed to the growth of 650 high-impact social change leaders. In addition to its grants portfolio, SIF implements key initiatives in the region, including the Central America Donors Forum, the Central American and Mexico Youth Fund, Centroamérica Adelante and the Independent Journalism Fund.

10 Years of SIF

Since our founding in 2008, SIF has invested in meaningful social impact and poverty alleviation efforts around the world—promoting a spirit of international philanthropy rooted in Seattle, Washington. We are proud of the work we have done in the last decade to push for equity, promote rule of law, foster women and youth leadership, inform and inspire philanthropic strategies, support civil society and more. Each of these activities have taught us key lessons, which were pivotal to informing a new strategy developed in 2018 that will enable SIF to focus its resources entirely on Central America in the decade to come. We invite you to take a tour through SIF’s history by interacting with the timeline below.

Our Programs

Independent Journalism Fund

We support independent journalists in Central America so they can research and report on the realities of the region, give voice to the people and promote democracy.

Centroamérica Adelante

We bet on leaders who work for the rights of migrants in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. We contribute to their training and learning with a one-of-a-kind program that reinforces personal growth, skill development and social capital building.

Central America and Mexico Youth Fund

We encourage youth to lift up their voices regarding the issues that affect them by providing them with technical and financial assistance so that they can develop their leadership skills and further contribute to improving their lives and those of their communities.

Central America Donors Forum

We unite business leaders, officials, aid workers, donors and members of civil society every year to discuss the region’s priorities, establish contacts and explore social impact development proposals.

Central America in Washington, DC

We connect Central America to the US capital to promote support, analysis, research and public policies in favor of development, justice, equity, democracy and prosperity in the Central American region.


We bring together key decision makers in Central America

Since its beginnings in 2012, our Central America Donors Forum has brought together over 1,500 leaders from 700 organizations to promote philanthropy and advance development efforts in Central America. The Forum has evolved into a unique space where leaders from philanthropy, civil society, business, and government discuss priority issues and form strategic alliances. The Central America and Mexico Youth Fund and the Independent Journalism Fund are two successful initiatives that have been born out of the Forum.

650 high-impact social change leaders and counting!

SIF believes in leadership development. Through our support of programs like the Central American Leadership Initiative, Centroamérica Adelante, The Central America and Mexico Youth Fund, iLeap, and Mujeres Adelante, SIF can proudly boast contributing to the personal and professional growth of 650 high-impact social change leaders…and counting! These programs have brought to life SIF’s commitment to leadership development by identifying, motivating, training and empowering leaders to strengthen their leadership skills and catalyze collective impact throughout Central America.

A bridge between Central America and Washington, D.C.

SIF’s newest initiative, Central America in Washington, DC (CA in DC) led a series of presentations in several U.S. cities to share the official findings of the IACHR’s Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts for Nicaragua regarding the violence and the human rights crisis in the country. SIF was proud to partner with AS/COA, Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team, Columbia University, Florida International University, Ford Foundation, The Wilson Center and Univision to bring exposure to the urgent crisis in Nicaragua.

A decade of empowering girls and women

For the last ten years, we have put women’s and girls’ empowerment at the center of our work. Through our initiatives such as Women of the World and Mujeres Adelante, and more recently the CAMY Fund and Centroamérica Adelante, we have promoted and strengthened hundreds of women that contribute to social impact in countries throughout the word.

Invest with us for the future of Central America

Support independent journalists reporting on the ground

Support youth leaders improving their communities

Support civil society leaders working to mitigate migration