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The 2018 Central America Donors Forum closes with over 400 attendees

Representatives from the private sector and the government, the philanthropic community, civil society and academia from across the region came together to discuss on the realities Central America faces related to migration, equity, rule of law, creating a culture of legality and philanthropy.


The Violence Behind the Migration of Central American Women

When talking about migration, little attention is paid to the violence against Central American women and the impunity in their countries that forces them to emigrate. It is imperative that we discuss this reality and how we can deal with it.

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What is next for El Salvador?

What is next for El Salvador?

Against a backdrop of poverty, brutal violence, and entrenched corruption, Salvadorans went to the polls on February 3, 2019, and elected 37-year old Nayib Bukele, who ran an unorthodox campaign positioning himself as an alternative to the two parties who have dominated the country's political landscape. #Podcast Guests: Vice President Elect Félix Ulloa, Journalist Glenda Umaña and Eric Olson of Seattle International Foundation Read more


The CAMY Fund Enters a New Stage

During a critical moment for the youth in Central America and Mexico, Perla Vázquez assumes the direction of SIF’s CAMY Fund.