Diana Campos Ortiz

Research Project Manager

Diana is the Research Projects Manager at CAMY Fund, where she leads research development about youth in Central America and Mexico.

Diana is a feminist researcher based in Costa Rica. She joined the CAMY Fund as a consultant in 2020 as coordinator for a research project entitled, Disruptive Youth Movements in Mexico, Central America and Colombia.

She has worked as a consultant in social research and communications with human rights and environment defense initiatives in Central America, particularly with a focus on rural women, migrants and youth.

Diana is a social anthropologist and historian, with postgraduate studies in Communications and Development. She has also studied theater and creative writing. She teaches for the Central America Chair at the University of Costa Rica. Her topics of interest include memory, migration, citizen narratives and the history of women.

Diana is a writer and columnist for Casi Literal, a Central American magazine. She speaks Spanish, French and English.

I like to think of research as a transformative tool that allows us to understand more about people and the contexts in which we work. Research helps create and spread better narratives about what it means to be young in this region, including the challenges, possibilities, hopes and ideas for the future.

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