Josué Torres Martínez

Program Coordinator

Josué develops financial and administrative projects, like reports, proposals, and payments for the CAMY Fund, in addition to coordinating activities with team members in Central America and Seattle.

In his Monitoring & Evaluation capacity, Josué systemizes, analyzes and creates reports based on the results of pre- and post- project surveys by project leaders. He also monitors and conducts the internal reflections on the Fund´s learning.

Originally from the State of Mexico, and current resident of Mexico City since 2016, Josué has always been interested in social and political issues, as well as contributing to the construction of diverse and inclusive societies. In recent years Josué has attended and participated in various forums, presentations and workshops within the philanthropic and non-governmental sector. He also has organized forums and presentations on the Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities, among other academic activities at the university where he graduated.

Josué has a degree in Sociology from the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEMex). During his degree he participated in the “Summer of Science” at the Mexican Academy of Sciences where he collaborated with an NGO in Mexico City working on social control and transparency issues.

CAMY and SIF have allowed me to better understand social diversity, various points of struggle and the disadvantages we as a global community share. I am convinced that Central America and Mexico have many challenges in common that could serve as entry points to resist together.

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