Josué Torres Martínez

Program Coordinator

Josué supports CAMY by coordinating monitoring, evaluation, supervision, execution and results; program development, systematization of learning and program strengthening; administration of grants awarded to partner organizations; and leadership for various alliances and projects.

Originally from Mexico and a resident of Mexico City since 2016, Josué is a defender and promoter of the rights of people with disabilities. He has always been interested in social and political issues as a means to contribute to the construction of plural and inclusive societies.

He has participated in various forums, presentations and workshops within the philanthropic sector and NGOs, and has organized talks and discussions on rights of youth and people with disabilities.

Josué holds a degree in Sociology from the Autonomous University of Mexico State (UAEMex). As a student, he participated in the “Summer of Science” at the Mexican Academy of Sciences, where he collaborated with an organization in Mexico City that works on issues of social accountability and transparency.


I am convinced that youth movements in Central America and Mexico have been the main catalysts for general social movement and systemic change. Their struggles generate points of connection, networks, and a vital sense of community for our region.

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