About Us

About Us

About Us

Over the past ten 10 years, SIF has supported 243 organizations in 81 countries and has contributed to the growth of 650 high-impact social change leaders. In addition to its grants portfolio, SIF implements key initiatives in the region, including the Central America Donors Forum, the Central America and Mexico Youth Fund, Centroamérica Adelante, the Independent Journalism Fund and the Anti-Impunity Fund.


To champion good governance and equity in Central America through rule of law and a robust civil society.

The interconnected nature of our four focus areas:

Good governance
and rule of law



Migration and displacement

Strengthen civil


We are guided by a vision of just, peaceful, and prosperous societies in Central America

Our new vision strengthens SIF’s interventions in Central America, and more specifically in the Northern Triangle—Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras—and Nicaragua. We focus on these neighboring countries, with growing economic, political, social and cultural interdependence with the US, to increase the efficiency, impact and sustainability of our efforts.

Our Values

Informed interventions

An evidence and results-based approach is imperative in galvanizing engagement and creating sustainable philanthropy. We value the feedback of our counterparts working on the ground and allow it to inform our interventions.


Doing what is right and fostering personal integrity and courage of conviction is critical in creating positive social change.

Social change

Social change takes time and patience, but with determination and collaboration we can achieve a more just and equitable future.

Local leadership

Local leaders in the public, private and social sectors play a key role in shaping lasting solutions to problems in their communities. Outside support will help them accomplish their goals.

Strength in multi-stakeholder partnerships

Better solutions and the fulfillment of Human Rights emerge through partnerships and collaboration across sectors. Civil society is an important stakeholder in the region, and supporting its efforts is a key factor to achieving social change.

Ethics and Justice

Seeking just practices to ensure respectful, diverse and non-discriminatory spaces in our work allows us to live out an ethics of Human Rights.