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Gender and displacement of women and LGTBIQ+ population in El Salvador


March 8, 2023


12:00pm CST






Human mobility processes, in all its forms, are a phenomenon that permeates El Salvador’s recent history.

During the last four decades, El Salvador has seen several different triggers for migrant flows, especially to North American countries, where people travel to improve and even preserve their lives.

Plenty of research exist that have addressed this problem from different angles to portray how migrant flows evolve in times of peace and "war" (declared or not); however, not enough analysis has been done to shed light on the gender dimension within the migratory trajectories of Salvadorans.

The Rights & Dignity Project, implemented by Counterpart International, Partners El Salvador and ConTextos, and with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), carried out a qualitative study in 2021 to explore the relationship between gender-based violence and migration and forced displacement. The study was guided by the central question: Do human rights violations related to discrimination and gender-based violence accelerate irregular migration and forced displacement of women and LGTBIQ+ people in El Salvador?

This webinar is a journey through the results and recommendations stemming from this study, with the purpose of encouraging a conversation focused on the collective enrichment of knowledge and recommendations from relevant actors in the region.

This panel will be held in Spanish.


Glenda Girón

Salvadoran Journalist

Noemy Molina

Gender and Social Inclusion Specialist

Rights and Dignity Project, Partners El Salvador

Patricia Nájera

Protection Officer



Mirte Postema

Senior Program Officer

Anti-Impunity Fund, Seattle International Foundation (SIF)