Programs & Initiatives

Programs & Initiatives

Programs & Initiatives

Programs & Initiatives

Central America and Mexico Youth Fund


The Central America and Mexico Youth Fund (CAMY Fund) is a program of the Seattle International Foundation (SIF) that supports youth leaders and activists in the creation and implementation of projects that ensure the full and equitable enjoyment of youth rights. The only fund of its kind in the region, it supports leadership skills and networking with other donors and young leaders.

The Independent Journalism Fund


The Independent Journalism Fund, created in partnership with the Ford Foundation in 2016, brings together donors to ensure the existence and health of independent journalism and media in Central America. Independent media is crucial for the strengthening of democracy and good governance, providing objective information to ensure a deliberative democratic process, a check on government power and protecting the public interest.

Centroamérica Adelante


CAA is a leadership development program that supports high-impact, committed civil society leaders in the Northern Triangle working on social change issues to reinforce and leverage their individual, organizational and collective capacities to affect change. Its goal is to strengthen civil society in the region through specific skills training, mentorship, peer-to-peer learning, project support and networking in a collaborative and engaging space.

Central America Donors Forum


The Central America Donors Forum (CADF) is the premier space for civil society, philanthropy, government and business to discuss priority issues in Central America, expand networks and advance development, equity and justice in the region.

Central America in Washington, DC

CA in DC

Central America in Washington, DC (CA in DC) is a vibrant civil society initiative where SIF and its partners in Central America and Washington, DC can join together to promote policies consistent with the Foundation’s priorities. Engaging policy makers in Central America and Washington, DC is a top priority. We bring the voices, experiences, and know-how of our allies and stakeholders together to educate and advocate for a more just, peaceful, equitable, and prosperous Central America for all.

Anti-Impunity Fund


The Anti-Impunity Fund (AIF) is a thought-leader, advocate, convener, and funder of the fight against impunity in Central America. We share our expertise by providing strategic analysis to and accompaniment of organized civil society and youth social movements in their work. We convene meetings of experts in the fight against impunity; and we engage in advocacy—both in Central America and in the United States..