SIF has closely monitored the situation and consequent damage, particularly in the northern area of Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala where the aftermath continues to threaten the physical safety and food security of the region. Additionally, we have maintained close communication with our partners, allies and friends to hear firsthand about their situations.

SIF is committed to strengthening civil society and social movements. We understand the most vulnerable communities are often the most affected by natural disasters, therefore requiring swift and targeted action.

In this context, and in an effort to help mitigate this emergency, SIF will designate $100,000 to support our organizational partners facing the most precarious situations. In the following weeks, we will directly contact these partners to learn about their priorities and discuss ways to meet their needs.

Our hope is to bring attention to the vital role and swift response of civil society organizations and movements in Central America  responding to this emergency, as well as highlighting the work of journalists in making the magnitude of loss visible to all.

We urge Central America governments and the international donor community to respond to this emergency expeditiously, and to work with Central American civil society in order to ensure funds are employed ethically, reach survivors, and contribute to an agenda of justice and equity for everyone.

Furthermore, we share in the call to action made by Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) for the general public and donor communities to support their Central American Emergency Response Fund for Hurricane Eta, which addresses the immediate and medium term needs of this environmental and health crisis. All funds raised will go directly to HIP’s civil society organization allies, who understand firsthand the needs of the people impacted by the hurricanes.