Denia Arteaga 

Program Officer

Denia handles the logistics and administrative coordination of national and international events of the CAMY Fund and provides communication support, financial and logistical support to the grantees in coordination with program officers.

She is originally from the beautiful capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa and for three years Denia coordinated and represented an international missionary organization in El Salvador where her principal task was to create a space for at-risk youth to be able to discover tools for a better future for themselves and society as a whole.  

In her most recent experience, Denia worked with the international humanitarian organization, Doctors without Borders as their bilingual administrative secretary.  

Denia has a degree in Business Administration from the National Autonomous University of Honduras, with transferable credits from the Francisco Gavidia University of El Salvador. She has a diploma in Project Management from the Technological University of Central America in Honduras and she received a diploma in Performing Arts by the National School for Dramatic Arts. She speaks Spanish and English and has lived in El Salvador.  

I believe there isn't a perfect job, but mine is close to being one. My work allow me to see beyond my reality, it allows me to serve and help, and to understand, and learn, and then give back. It teaches me that within a intercultural space we can work as one.

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