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Corruption and impunity

Gender & Corruption in Central America: Women’s Responses to Corruption


July 8, 2020


12:00pm-01:30pm PDT






In this webinar, we will address corruption in Central America, incorporating a gender perspective.

Through research led by women, numerous corruption scandals in Central America have been revealed. These investigations, however, have also revealed the active participation of women in corruption schemes. Furthermore, women are playing a fundamental role in the fight against corruption in the region, and their growing public role has been a factor in changing how societies react to impunity.

In this virtual conversation, the third webinar in the series on corruption in Central America, prominent women with experience in the fight against impunity will discuss institutional, societal and media reactions to women's involvement in acts of corruption, either as actors, victims, investigators, inspectors or judges. Do they receive different treatment than men? What are these differences and what is the impact?

Key topics to be discussed:

–Women's access to justice
–Women as victims of corruption
–Women's participation in acts of corruption
–Women's leadership in the fight against impunity and corruption

Webinar will be in Spanish.


Alejandra Gutiérrez

Co-founder and director

Agencia Ocote, Guatemala

Ana María Calderón Boy

Former Spokesperson


Jennifer Ávila

Director and Co-Founder

Digital outlet ContraCorriente