\ Forum on gender-based violence in the Northern Triangle and its impact on migration - Seattle International Foundation

The forum “Nowhere to turn: gender-based violence in the Northern Triangle and its impact on migration” was held on July 24, 2019 at Inter-American Dialogue’s headquarters in Washington, DC, and addressed the causes and consequences of violence against women in the Northern Triangle and highlighted possible solutions. It was also a space that deepened awareness on the aforementioned issues and the response of the United States and Mexico to women immigrants, specially those seeking asylum.

Michael Shifter, President of Inter-American Dialogue; Eric L. Olson, Director of the CA initiative in DC from SIF; and Manuel Orozco, Director of the Migration, Remittance and Development Program of Inter-American Dialogue were among the attendees. The forum’s panelist included Lindsay Jenkins, Protection Officer of the regional office for the United States and the Caribbean of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; Corie O’Rourke, immigration Lawyer; and Claudia Izaguirre, Executive Director of the Young Women’s Christian Association Honduras and a Centroamerica Adelante 2019-2020 participant, representing Honduras.

Izaguirre spoke about the physical and sexual violence faced by women in Honduras and the government’s lack of response to protect them. This negligence deepens women’s need to emigrate; many fleeing to the United States. Click here to view live stream of the forum

Centroamerica Adelante is an innovative leadership development program created in 2015 by SIF to support the high impact leaders driving change in Central America; especially in the Northern Triangle. The 2019-2020 promotion is comprised of 33 men and women from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.