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Central America Program:
How to Apply

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How to Apply:

Seattle International Foundation has issued an open call for concept notes to high-impact organizations in Central America working on the following three issues.

  • Strengthen good governance and rule of law. In spite of legal and institutional advances, young Central American democracies continue to face worrisome challenges, such as corruption or inequality, which pose an obstacle to social and democratic progress. SIF will continue working on strategies that strengthen the rule of law and help foster more transparent and effective governments and institutions, to lay the foundations for societies to develop the potential of their citizens.
  • Ensure equity. SIF will promote the participation of underrepresented sectors of the population, especially indigenous peoples, youth, and women. The foundation will promote equity, inclusion and representation in decision-making processes in the public and private sector.
  • Reduce displacement and forced migration. Forced migration and displacement from Central America to the United States has become one of the greatest challenges of today, on both sides of the border. The exodus of migrants has defined a generation in the region, and the large flows of capital in the form of remittances have altered the economic equation. SIF aims to reduce high levels of forced migration and impact the factors that push these youth and vulnerable populations to leave their countries, to protect the rights of migrants and deportees, to research the social phenomenon, to create an active network of local change agents focused on migration, and to bridge policymakers in the US with the migrant community.

SIF believes that a robust and organized civil society can serve as a powerful vehicle to express the demands of citizens and deliver their public policy agendas. In this 2018 call for proposals, priority will be given to civil society organizations.

The application deadline is September 17th, 2018. Please submit your concept note here. Once you have created an account and logged in, enter the Access Code SIFCA2018 to view the application. Finalists will be invited to submit a full application.


September 17: 
Concept notes due

November 1:
Semi-finalists notified

November 15:
Full proposals due

Grants awarded in December

Current SIF grantees are not eligible to apply during this round of applications.

For questions about how to apply, please contact Grants and Program Officer Olga Vnodchenko,

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